Welcome to the website for Strata 2720 (also known as Strata Plan VIS2720 and Plan VIP54350). The strata consists of two buildings: Hampton Court (545 Manchester Place) and Churchill Place (520 Dunedin Street).


Emergency Numbers

Call 911 for fires, ongoing crimes or other true emergencies. 

When safe, inform the strata of emergencies that require immediate strata council involvement.  Strata emergencies include fire, flood (severe water ingress), electrical black-out (of building or entire floors), security failures (door or gate won't latch correctly), etc.   Please call: 250-475-6440



For Realtor Requests, Council Minutes and Financial Statements, please contact:
Proline Management Ltd. at operations@prolinemanagement.com



General inquires to be sent to operations@prolinemanagement.com or through
     Proline Online Portal (https://portal.stratapress.com/register)
Lost or stolen fob reports and guest parking requests to be sent to info@strata2720.com 
     Please allow up to 24 hrs for a response.
Routine fob and enterphone requests to be sent to operations@prolinemanagement.com 
     Please allow up to 72 hrs for a response.


Property Management Company - Effective July 1, 2022 - Proline Management Ltd.

See "Contact" page for details


Insurance Broker

SeaFirst Insurance
7178 West Saanich Road
Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1R3
Office: 1-877-655-1141
Fax: (250) 652-4427
Email: info@seafirstinsurance.com  

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