Welcome to the web site for Strata 2720 (also known as Strata Plan VIS2720 and Plan VIP54350). The strata consists of two buildings: Churchill Place and Hampton Court located at 520 Dunedin and 545 Manchester Place, respectively. This site is meant to be a resource for information and documents commonly requested by owners, residents and Real Estate agents. Below is an overview of the resources.


Important documents and forms frequently requested by owners, residents and Real Estate Agents.

All owners and residents (including rental tenants) should get acquainted with these documents, prior to purchasing or renting in Hampton Court (HC) or Churchill Place (CP).

In addition, copies of building envelope reviews, repair summaries, long-term maintenance and repair plans, minutes, and financial statements can be found on this page. Finally, notices and newsletters posted in the buildings or sent to owners/residents can be found here.


Commonly used vendors and contractors. For the most current vendor information, please contact info@strata2720.com.


Contact information for property manager and council members.



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